The motivation behind the hashtag

I created the hashtag #TechTwitterPayItForward. It’s mostly used for crowdfunding educational expenses for folks trying to start their tech careers.

My thinking behind this movement was for people who have a lot to spare to help out people who are in need of a financial boost.

It turns out that this community is really great about supporting juniors who are pursuing opportunities and blocked by a lack of funds. I’m really happy to see that and this isn’t a suggestion to do otherwise.

However, in my mind, paying it forward (with cash) is not limited to expenses related to tech careers. You will see that I link to GoFundMes and tweets that have nothing to do with tech. People who are hungry, unsafe, and facing evictions need money for food, bills, and housing before they need conference tickets.

The people I just referred to are also part of our tech community. So many of us are not okay financially. Here’s what I’ve observed, no one wants to pay your rent, but I can raise thousands of dollars for conference expenses in a few hours.

The point of this message is to encourage you to use the hashtag and to not be afraid to tag tweets that aren’t tech-related.

Thank you for being here and for supporting me and others in the community. I will never forget the kindness I’ve been shown on Twitter by complete strangers. It has pulled me out of several tough situations.

I start my job on Monday, y’all. I’m so excited about this new chapter in my life. Watch me, I’m going to multiply my impact!


Nikema ❤️