You are here and I thank you for it. I’ve been too quiet. I will try to keep this forward-looking. I don’t want to recap all of my mistakes and stumble…
Nikema as a service
Let's talk about reasonable accommodations
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Today is my first day of medicating my ADHD
Here's to hope (audio issue) 😭Listen now (6 min) | 0:02 I just want to capture a moment. And I'm also pushing myself to get used to loving the sound of my own voice. Because I have …
I need tax help and I'm seeking recommendations
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The motivation behind the hashtag
What did you do in the gap time between broke and your first (nice) paycheck?Not everyone has been here, but some of you have. What was it like for you in the space between not having money and financial security? I’m try…
#100DaysOfJobSearch was a success
slowing down the job search